About Me

My name is Bill and welcome to my site.

I am the proud parent of two kids, and one of the ways we spend time as a family is by watching movies.  Now all of us are big fans of just about anything that Disney and Pixar makes.  The movies and shorts are funny, the characters are cute and the do some pretty amazing things when it comes to graphics.  All that aside one of our favorite movies is Wall-E, the kids love it and if you have kids you know we’ve watched it plenty of times.

I also work in IT so, I get to hear about all kinds of cool things to hit the market and when I heard about Cozmo, I was blown away.  I could bring a “Wall-E” home for my kids and I would win dad of the year.

I grabbed one of the Cozmo robots as soon as I could, we got it set up in no time and needless to say my kids loved it.  He is pretty cool, he’s got some great features that give him his own personality and I was the “cool dad”…well, right up until bedtime anyway.

The holidays are right around the corner and I probably should have waited until then, but well we’re having too much fun.