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Cozmo Robot Specs

Cozmo Robot Specs

If you’re a fan of the movie Wall-E and the idea of having your very own robot to play with brings out your inner child then you’re going to love “Cozmo”. Anki, based out of San Francisco launched its own real life version that was inspired by the Pixar character. Here are the Cozmo Robot Specs, so you can see if this is for you.


Cozmo comes with the robot, charger and three interactive power cubes, you are going to need to download and install the free app on your phone or tablet. Connect Cozmo to your wifi network and you’re ready to go through the “Meet Cozmo” app.

In a brightly lit room, you will have to stare at Cozmo for 10-15 seconds so he can learn your face. He will say your name a couple of times and don’t expect accuracy, it’s more phonetic. Now Cozmo will recognize you and say your name when you play with it.

Design :

Cozmo was imspired from the Pixar character Wall-E and the head of Anki’s animation team came to them from Pixar. The robot was deisgned using Maya 3D software and the eyes are incredibly unique. Cozmo is programmed with a range of emotions and you can see them all right in his baby blues. Just below the eyes is the camera allowing him to recognize you.


Cozmo can make a variety of sounds including a couple of words, like “whoa” and “aw”.


The mobile controls the robot and its blocks.  It comes with a couple of games including Quick Tap.  Cozmo will even challenge you to games, it does this with a message on the app.  During play you collect “bits” and “sparks”, these are the rewards you get during game play.  Bits will allow you to unlock Cozmo’s apps and upgrades while the Sparks unlock new tricks.  Unlocking new tricks is essentially how Cozmo grows up.


Cozmo can get frustrated like a child if it loses games and it will gloat when it wins.  Give the explorer mode a try, you remotely control the robot getting the view from its camera on your phone.  It will get excited when you go fast and make noise as you back up.


The robot comes with a charger, the power cubes, and a you will need to download the free Cozmo App.


Cozmo is available through Amazon and is also available on its official site.

Cozmo is definitely unique and promises to be one of the hottest toys this holiday season.